jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

!Region Panamanian Los Santos festivities celebrating Corpus Christi!

The Panamanian province of Los Santos, west of the capital, is today the center of the festivities of Corpus Christi, or feast of the Eucharist, mixing folk and pagan elements, with the completion of a Mass and a procession.

Hundreds of parishioners attended since early in the parish of St. Athanasius, located in the town of La Villa de Los Santos, where the parish priest Jose Hector Gonzalez presided over the Mass of Corpus Christi.
The celebration, which is already part of cultural identity and folklore of this region of the country, including the multicolored carpet of the streets with flower petals and a procession in which dozens of youths dressed as devils.

The participation of so-called "dirty Diablito" is also accompanied by the explosion of fireworks and execution of folk dances to the beat of pito, the violin, drum and castanet.
In this holiday, which over the years has gained tourist projection, involving hundreds of foreign visitors and locals, who prepare altars in their homes to be visited by the Holy Sacrament, which is brought in procession.

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