jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Great Inventions Unid 7

¿What is vour invention favorite? My favorite invention is the radio:
Radio is the result of years of research and invention of different artifacts that emerges linked to understanding and development of electricity.
In advancing technology to the radio, the coil was key. The progression GIS technology with crossing the ocean Atlanta BY A submarine cable achieved by CYRUS W. FIELD.
ON 27 1866 a message crossed the ocean with incredible speed. Through a network of cables spread to the most populated areas of the world.
¿Who invented it?
WAS Reginald A. Fessenden to prepare an apparatus for the transmission of signals more complex than the system Morse. Also had built a transmitter Sumo powers to their experiments. That night memorable, various people talking on wireless UNA made a speech, another law a poem and even someone playing the violin; THIS was the birth of radio.
¿What are somo basics funtions?
Logros a communications system efficient, since for this then no such facilities exist.
¿What are your tips and recommendation to use it?
because now you can listen to electronic advances not only a player but also your cellular telephone, ipod, among others. test hear this excellent means of communication and information that although it has been displaced by new inventions has not ceased to exist and inform us of what is happening in the world day by day ...!

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