jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Festive World

In Venezuela, the celebration of San Benito is a popular tradition characteristic of the western region, especially in Eastern coast and South of the Lake Maracaibo, Cabimas, and in the states Merida and Táchira, between the 25 of December and first of January, during the procession the saint is accompanies with sound of chinbangles, typical blows of drums.

...Today the start of the dawn, in Cabimas, the bells will sound in honor of the holy black. The devotees expedite the passage of their daily activities to unite their faith with the rhythm of his body when he heard the frantic pace of the drums .....!

Each December 27, this is what happens in peoples of African descent Sur del Lago, sounding hides in a large gathering of joy in honor of St. Benedict of Palermo, the holy black, who despite not being the employer of these Peoples, is performed in his honor the most important festival in the region.

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